The Grey Silk Trouser

These are the kind of trousers I would wear if I worked in some swanky office in the city. They are made from beautiful printed silk which has been ever so lightly dip dyed meaning it gradually fades from grey to white as you move up the leg. This subtle ombre is contrasted by the bold two tone waistband.

 As I was giving them a finishing press, I thought I had achieved the ultimate in tailored trouser alchemy, in the same instant, I managed to burn them with the iron. Oh man, I felt like such a dick, after spending all day making them perfect. I pulled the iron off as soon as a heard it sizzle and plunged the trousers into cold water, meaning the stain is pretty light, but still! I really had to remind myself there is no use crying over burnt silk. Sewing is a bit like snowboarding in that sense, bare with me on this one... It's as though as soon as you think you are getting really good and start cockily sitting in cruise control mode, the forces that be have a little giggle and wipe you out, leaving you face down in the snow, or in this case with a scorched ass!

The Grey Silk Trouser by Made My Wardrobe