The Stone Silk Skirt

OK I have to air my dirty laundry or the guilt will tear me apart. The premise of this project was that I would make all my clothes in one year. Well this skirt was in fact part of my prom dress which I made when I was 16. I’m a cheat what can I say. But before you condemn me let me state my defence.

Making that dress served a very important purpose in my life, a right of passage far more significant than prom... It gave me a reason to take my maiden voyage to Berwick Street!!! For non sewcialists, Berwick Street is a strip of soho dedicated to the finest fabric shops in the land. I discovered the mothership at that tender age and she has held me close ever since. The damn fine silk I bought that day has the right to be worn for more than three hours. Let's imagine I am a surgeon of silk, it would be in my code of conduct to give the silk a new life. So 8 years later I operate with some minor surgery, unpick the top half of the dress, and leave the beautiful skirt free to swing again. Case closed!

The Stone Silk Skirt by Made My Wardrobe