The Red Silk Lingerie


Oh what a saint!  The 14th feb gave me the perfect excuse to buy some red silk and be my own Valentine. I began with the waist corset. Whenever I'm making corsets my feminist instinct pipes up to stick up for the woman who is wearing the damn thing. So for this one I decided to really listen to that instinct and make my idea of a feminist corset. Most importantly this garment is made to fit my actual figure rather than attempting to contort it. As always the pattern is created to my exact measurements, following natural curves and lines of the body. What is incredible about the abdomen is that with every single breath its shape changes. My rib cage expands by at least 2 inches as I breathe in, so I added a stretch silk satin to the areas where the lungs need that room. To finish off the set I made a soft cup vintage style bra, and another pair of my favourite silk boxers in oxblood red. Game, set, match! 

The Red Silk Lingerie by Made My Wardrobe