The Pink Silk Jacket


This little number combines my two favourite types of jacket, the kimono and the bomber! I used vintage japanese kimono silk and cut a pattern for a classic cropped bomber...

I'm going to let you in on a little seamstress secret. Vintage kimono jackets are one of the best sources of beautiful heavyweight printed silk fabric out there. I would never have been able to buy silk of this quality and print in fabric shops. And even if I had been able too it would have cost a bomb! Kimonos are made using large rectangular strips of fabric cut on the straight grain, often only lightly hand tacked together, meaning they are super easy to dismantle into lovely neat runs of fabric. I managed to get this entire bomber jacket out of just the sleeves and shoulders of the kimono jacket. And I have enough fabric to make another so if you would like to commission one, get in touch! I'll make it specially to your measurements. Made to fit. Made to last.

The Pink Silk Jacket by Made My Wardrobe