The Ochre & Pink Silk Bodice


Oh man this one made my brain ache. The idea was to use corsetry techniques to create a beautifully simple structured bodice top, but what it turned into was a little more than that.

I decided to cord the bodice to create shape and structure. This technique is done by top stitching the layers of your bodice together and then threading cord through the channels to provide lines of raised definition. Unfortunately, I think I used a dodgy interlining because these charming cellulite-esque lumps appeared on the bust. No matter how much I ironed and steamed, they could not be convinced to disappear. Maybe I should have just sucked this up and rocked the bumby boob look, I hear its gonna be a big trend in 2016.

But then I thought ahaaaa if I embroidered the front it would disguise the lumps. So I got my favorite metallic threads out, hammered away at my machine (for two days) and wham bam thank you mam the bumps were gone!

Ohhh but then, I find these beautiful little vintage embroidered flower motifs that are the perfect colour match, and I think they would just finish it off a treat, so I stitched them on. What I thought was going to be a simple one day day bodice turned into a week long trial, but I learnt a whole lot doing it. I find that so often in sewing when you make a mistake or something goes wrong, it pushes you to be more creative with your design. I guess that is why I love it so. 

The Ochre and Pink Silk Bodice by Made My Wardrobe