The Turquoise Silk Bra and Boxers

It seemed fitting to begin this project with underwear, because it is the first thing we put on in the morning and also where my love of sewing began. Many moons ago I did a one day lingerie sewing course. I then spent a month up in my attic room, experimenting with fabric, form and fit. Sewing lingerie is like no other sewing! I would say it is more akin to architecture. In fact I think you should spend 5 years training to do it! You definitely shouldn't do a one day course and then tell all your friends you are going to be a lingerie designer! What can I say a girl can dream.

Luckily, this little set sewed up without a hitch. The bra contains no metal boning, because I hate both sewing and wearing boning. However, I'm kept supported by the density of free machine embroidery I worked into the lace below the bust. It gives the layers of fabric strength and shape to curve around my rib cage. If I had a way with words I would think of a good line here about stitching supporting a whole lot more than just my bust in life...

The pants are generously cut for a fuller coverage because bikini waxes and wedgies are two things I could happily live without. The set is dedicated to my mum because this particular shade of turquoise blue always reminds me of her and because she was the woman who sat me in front of a sewing machine when I was little girl and showed me what's what.

The Turquoise Silk Bra and Boxers by Made My Wardrobe