On the 1st January 2016 I started creating my dream wardrobe. By the end of the year I had made over 60 garments and given away all the clothes I had ever bought from shops. Since the 1st January 2017 I have only worn clothes I have made. The images you see here include some of my favourite creations. If you would like to know more about why I went on this journey please have a read of my blog. I still have an infinite number of garments I would like to design and make for my wardrobe, so this project is far from over. When I am not making my own dream wardrobe come to life I work as a freelance seamstress and designer from my studio Threadworks in Clerkenwell, London. If you would like to commission me to make you something or would like to be the first to know about future workshops drop me an email on lydia@mademywardrobe.com